Bolting & Fastening Projects

Bolting & Fastening
  • When removing and installing fasteners, using a pneumatic impact wrench or ratchet provides increased torque and speed during DIY projects.

  • Impact and ratchet wrenches are ideal for removing lug nuts from tires, removing a lawn mower blade, or wood deck assembly.


The following are compatible
with the compressors listed.


1/2" in Impact Wrench
Model #: 024-0077CT
SCFM: 4.5 SCFM @ 90
Brand: Powermate Vx


3/8" Ratchet Wrench
Model #: 024-0079CT
SCFM: 4 SCFM @ 90
Brand: Powermate Vx



1/4" Coupler/Plug Set
Model #: 036-0104CT

Air Hose

Air Hose
Model #: 012-0059CT

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic Blend Oil
Model #: 018-0069CT



This is the minimum size air compressor to run your selected air tool(s).

Model # PP1682066.MN
20 gallon Portable

Product Overview
This 20 gallon compressor features a cast iron, v-twin cylinder, oil lubricated pump and includes a 1-piece cast iron crankcase, thermally stable cast iron cylinder body, aluminum head and machined cast iron valve plate, automotive style ball bearings, durable stainless steel reed valves, oil level sight glass, easily accessible oil fill and a 10 cast iron balanced flywheel. This compressor is perfect for air brushing, blow cleaning, bolting, wrenching, brad nailing and stapling, framing, and nailing.



For maximum performance, select this air compressor for enhanced air tool experience.

Model # PLA1983012
30 gallon Portable

Product Overview
This 30 Gallon Direct Drive Oil-Free Portable Air Compressor is excellent for a number of household DIY projects such as stapling, brad and finish nailing, intermittent framing nailing, all inflation tasks, and light to medium duty automotive air tool applications with pneumatic tools. This compressor is equipped with an industry leading 155 max PSI for longer tool run times and has two wheels for easy jobsite mobility.

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